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Professional Wedding & Christening Photography and Videography.

Wedding's Photography

A typical package usually includes:

  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
  • Outside photoshoot of the couple
  • Bride and groom costumes
  • High resolution photos and video at USB
  • Video
  • Highlights
  • Wedding reception
  • 1 Album
    Starting from:€1.700


    A typical package usually includes:

    • Family Portraits before the Christening
    • Some family photos after the Christening
    • High resolution photos at USB ready for printing
    • Video
    • 2 hours photoshoot of the party
    • Highlights
    • Video at USB
    • 1 Digital Album (30x30)
    • 1 outside photoshoot of the baby
      Starting from:€600


      A typical package usually includes:

      • Event coverage
      • Any backstage Photos
      • Retouched images
      • CD or USB with the retouched photos
        Starting from:€100